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"London"  |  Challenge: #homwork  |  2018

"The Girl of Everlasting Hopes and Dreams"  |  Challenge: #goodtypetuesday  |  2018

"This Is Us"  |  Challenge: #thisisuschallenge |  2018

"Happily Never After"  |  Challenge: #homwork  |  2018

"Happy Stargazing Celebration Day"  |  Challenge: #goodtypetuesday  |  2018

"Happy 4th of July"  |  Challenge: Personal  |  2018

"I Love You to the Galaxy and Back"  |  Challenge: #goodtypetuesday  |  2018

"My Heart is Bigger on the Inside"  |  Challenge: personal  |  2018

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"  |   Challenge: personal    |  2018

Lettering Collection II
2018  |  personal
This year, I started doing more personal lettering as well as Instagram challenges to motivate myself in exploring different techniques and styles to help improve and grow my skills as a Graphic DesignerAs a designer, I don’t get to be nearly as creative in my work, so this is a great outlet to be myself. I am finding that doing things my way is allowing me to be more imaginative and so much more fun! To see more detailed descriptions on each lettering piece, you can read them on my Instagram.

Instagram: @katrina_sutton
All Lettering Designs are custom-made and created in Adobe Illustrator using the Pen Tool.
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