Ecoprene Identity
2016  |  client (Workt)
Workt was moving from Neoprene to Ecoprene for a more eco-friendly material that also provides high heat insulation, anti-bacterial, 4-way stretch for a better fit and increased comfort, 98% impermeable, power-dry effect, sustainability, and limecell technology on their knee sleeves. 
The client was looking for a way to also incorporate this new material by providing a logo identity to be used on their products. The logo concept was first coming up with a custom modular / angular  typeface and somehow make the middle “e” resemble a leaf. I also went ahead and added a logomark as well to tie it all together to be used as a standalone mark for future projects. I was asked to design a rack card with icons explaining their main points on what makes Ecoprene a better product.  
fonts used: Norwester, Source Sans Pro
credits: Photography by Ash Ram (models - Adrian Conway & Cassidy Duffield)  |  Weapon Agency
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