Rhone Apparel
2015-2016  |  client (Rhone)

One of the first projects I got to do for Rhone was design their Spring / Summer 2015 catalog as well as some product cards. My approach to this was to layout individual spreads to highlight their apparel by showing different perspectives and colors of each item. I also thought it would be fun to also show that each item comes with their very own inspirational quote either on the inside of a waistband on shirts, shorts, pants, etc. to it being displayed on a hoodie's drawstring. In the same season, I also got to designed their shipping boxes and added a fun pattern to the inside of the box for sophistication, what they are about (their story) and slogan. In the Fall of 2015, the team at Weapon Agency worked on the outside environmental signs for their pop-up shop that they were opening in NYC. During this same time, one of my coworkers worked on the design for their water flasks. The last project I got to work for them was in Spring 2016 when Rhone needed a catalog for their Spring collection. My approach to this was to layout individual spreads to each item they wanted to highlight, display color options, and add iconography that I designed previously in 2015 to show off the item's strong-suit.

fonts used: Neutraface, Trade Gothic, Novecento, Olifant
credits: Logo designed by unknown (?)  |  Miniature repeated icons on the left and right sides of the emblems on the Captain Stitch, Reflective, Stash Pockets, Reflective, and Fleece were designed by unknown (these were Rhone's previous icons before the update), the rest of the iconography was designed by Katrina Sutton | Box Packaging, Magazine Layouts, Product Cards, Layout of Portfolio Project designed by Katrina Sutton  |  Pop-Up Shop Window / Outside Display designed by Katrina Sutton, Ash Ram, and Courtney Bankhead  | Water Flasks designed by Courtney Bankhead  |  Photographers: (J.J. Ingotz, Hitmakers Media LLC and Spense Harrison)  |  Models: (Joe Holder, Jordan Hagel, Asaf Goren, Shawn Vance, Mehmet Edip, Skipper Elekwachi, Reeve Alexander)  |  Weapon Agency

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