Christmas Greeting Cards
December 2015-16  |  Personal Project

This project all started last year (2015) when Rhone (a client) asked if I would design a typographic Christmas card (that they wanted to send out to their partners) using any Christmas theme / saying. I decided on the lyrics, "It's the most wonderful time of the year" since I thought it was the best theme suited for their brand. After designing the first card, I felt inspired to create a series of Christmas cards based off of familiar Christmas songs just for the fun of it. You can find the rest of the Rhone Christmas Cards here.
Update: I always feel like there is room for improvement and thought that this year (2016), I complete the set with 4 more Christmas cards to make it a perfect 12. I also went ahead and change the year to 2016 and thought it would be even better if I animated my cards to make them come alive though creativity, imagination and magic touch we all felt when we were children during Christmastime.
fonts used: Script (custom), Novecento, Norwester

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