Dark Energy Chargers
2013-14  |  client (Dark Energy)

Dark Energy is a Utah-based technology company dedicated to fusing the latest modern technology with mobility & style. The first box design that I got to do for them was for the Odyssey: a waterproofed battery charger. I don’t think it ever got onto the market since they decided to go down a different path with a new battery design and named it instead the Poisedon. Other items I got to design was their Style Guide, Reservoir Booklet, Odyssey Manual, Reservoir Sleeve that matched the design of the Odyssey’s Box, POP Counter Display, Icons and Web Banners. Sadly, I never got to see any of the things I designed printed, so I took up the challenge to mockup the items myself using my Canon Rebel T5, a Counter Display Box  and an original Reservoir Box / Battery Charger that was left behind. 

fonts used: Vitesse Sans, Source Sans Pro, Socialico, Gotham 
materials used: Canon Rebel T5, Counter Display Box, original Reservoir Box / Battery Charger
credits: Logo (unknown ?)  |  Booklet: Product & Model Photography (Ash Ram)  /  Other booklet photography (unknown ?)  |  Weapon Agency 

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