Surf Air Brochure & Accessories
December 2012-13  |  client (Surf Air)
Surf Air had me work on a tri-fold brochure and inserts based from the membership guide / look book content and imagery as a guide that I worked on previously before. They were looking for elements that would displayed their "ALL-YOU-CAN-FLY" membership campaign such as displaying a map of their most recent and future destinations, cost of monthly membership, contact info and reservation policy. Throughout 2013, I also got to help design part of their uniforms such as the tie pattern and wing pins, a stationery set, tags for luggage, emblems, etc. I also designed a Surf Air welcome kit and lookbook here.
fonts used: Adobe Caslon, Farnham, Gotham, Knockout
accessories: Brochure & Inserts, Stationery Set (business card, letterhead, & envelope), Pin, Badges (credit: designed by Chelsea Hoskins), Tie Patterns, Emblems, Stickers, Tags, Bags
credits: Logo (unknown?)  |  Brochure & Model Photography by Ash Ram  |  Weapon Agency
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