Breakthrough Kits
2017  |  client (Share Success)

While working under Share Success (Seedstone), I was given the opportunity to come up with the branding for a new product called Breakthrough. The objectives of this project were split up into 4 boxes (packaging) incorporating themes of nature for each season that would match that particular subject matter in the names of Connection (Winter), Transformation (Spring), Purpose (Summer), and Brilliance (Fall). With 3 subsection themes within each subject matter, these boxes were designed to help you experience breakthrough by setting goals of nurturing while connecting with others through life coaching and support. In each box/kit, items included a booklet, stickers, message cards, a type of essential oil, gifts of some sort and instructions to move through each subsection. From the creation of the logo, icons, the imagery (photomontages), layouts, and packaging, I really enjoyed the process of seeing it come alive. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it beyond the first test trial of Connection so the content in the other three boxes were never completed besides the imagery I finished in the time frame I got to work on it. So I took what I had already designed and imagined what it would look like if I mocked up all of the box sets and displayed them side by side as a cohesive and unified finished brand.  

Type: Novitha Script, Baskerville, and Brandon Text.
Credit: Designed under Share Success (Seedstone)  /  Partnered Logo Designed with Heidi Campbell Jeffs (tree graphic), Katrina Sutton (custom type)  /  Booklet, Photomontages, Icons, Message Cards designed by Katrina Sutton  /  Stickers (not shown) designed by Heidi Campbell  /  Quinn Curtis (Creative Director)

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