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2018  |  client 

ForeverGreen is a health/nutritional supplement company with a selection of high-quality natural products, free of unhealthy ingredients. A few years ago, all of their products were packaged in big bottles, pill jars, and boxes which became costly due to the shipping prices across the world. In order to lower the costs, they found a way to pack the products in a more efficient way using thin light greeting cards (envelopes) which allowed a cheaper way for their customers to ship anywhere in the world without incurring the expensive shipping costs. As the designer working on the thin light greeting cards, I had the privilege of creating mostly from scratch a whole new branding design for most of their envelope model products. Their goal was to appeal to younger audiences, and “refresh” their branding so it was easier to identify what the product was just by looking at the packaging through color, imagery, simple call-out wording, and consistent design. For my portfolio layout of ForeverGreen, I decided to mockup these designs on pouches instead of the envelopes for anesthetic viewing purposes only.  

fonts used: Colfax, Oh Sweet Nuthin!, Teko
credits: Designed under Lettermuse Studio / Direction by Jorge Alvarado (President & CMO of ForeverGreen)
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