Surf Air Welcome Kit
December 2012 - January 2013  |  client (Surf Air)
Surf Air was looking for a way to reach out to their customers in a special way by incorporting a welcome kit when they became a full-pledge member. They wanted the box and items to look clean and sleek and a lookbook that let the customers know what Surf Air is all about. Part of the process was to come up with a template and size dimentions that would display the products nicely without them coming loose within the box. I also designed a brochure, inserts, & accessories here.
fonts used: Adobe Caslon, Farnham, Gotham, Knockout
welcome kit: Clamshell Box, Wings Pin, Welcome Card, Coasters, Sunglasses & Case, Membership Card
credits: Logo (unknown)  |  Lookbook photography by Ash Ram  |  Lookbook (assisted by Chelsea Hoskins)  |  Weapon Agency
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