Riced Restaurant
2015-2016  |  client (Wow Atelier)

Brief: The overall brand strategy for RICED is focused on communicating the underlying values of authentic, high quality food service in a clean and elegant Fast Casual dining environment. The logo and brand marks are the foundation of this expression of values, but the service and dining environment must reinforce these values through both environmental design and dining accoutrements. To emphasize the authentic quality of the cuisine, the stories behind the recipes and their region of origin in China can be highlighted on collateral material, such as the backs of takeout menus, or in environmental elements (under Wow Atelier Strategy Style Guide for Riced). 

Summary: RICED, a Chinese Restaurant, hired the company Wow Atelier Architecture to do the interior / exterior design of their two locations based in South Jordan and Lehi, Utah. In needing some help with some of the designing, Wow Atelier reached out to Weapon Agency (a design agency) to work on the menu boards, takeout menu, icons/illustrations, and a few other little things like the chopsticks and cups (any other typographic designs that were worked on were completed under Wow Atelier). As the designer under Weapon Agency, I enjoyed working on the listed items as it was the first time I ever done work for a restaurant. Even though I didn't come up with the original logo, I was asked to also help with coming up with a few other options, which I also included making slight adjustments to the original logo fixing the spacing of the "D", etc. as I thought it just needed some tweaking (which they ended up choosing). With photography shown throughout the portfolio layout (see credits below) of the menu board and environmental setup in both locations, I also did a mixture of mockups of the items I designed on to show a closer look of the details and items. While I put together these mockups, I made sure to match the color scheme and woodwork in the backgrounds, etc. to make the layout more cohesive as a whole. 

credits: Bottom Image from the Lehi location was provided by Wow Atelier Architecture who were the main contributors in the branding and architecture process: (site here) / Images provided from the South Jordan location was taken by Mark Hoefling who did custom fixtures at that location under the company, Creative Services Bureau (site here).
fonts used: Trade Gothic, Ailerons
other credits: Designed under Weapon Agency / chinese food image (orange chicken) used from (site here)

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