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Congratulations  |  Adobe Illustrator  |  2018

"Happy Anniversary  |  Adobe Illustrator  |  2018

"Will You Marry Me?"  |  Adobe Illustrator  |  2018

"Happy Birthday"  |  Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (photomontage)  |  2018

"Be Mine"  |  Adobe Illustrator  |  2018

"Thank You"  |  Adobe Illustrator  |  2018

Intersection / Shoutables
Fall 2018  |  client

Back in the Fall of 2018, I was asked by a company called Intersection based in NYC, if I would be interested in creating customizable cards for their large 55” advertising screens on their flagship Link Kiosks (image examples above used not their actual kiosks) in big cities. These cards, or ‘Shouts’, would range from birthdays to Valentine’s greetings to celebratory messages. The objective was to create card designs that would engage across a range of categories. The designs had to be visually striking in order to draw users in with eye-catching design elements and messages. As this being my first time being hired just solely on my lettering skills, I was thrilled to accept the challenge. As I worked on the custom-made lettering messaging and illustrations, some of the things I had to keep in check was to make sure the colors were color friendly (using the WCAG 2.1 format color tool) and legible (no thin lines) for those with visual disabilities so that it would be visible from a distance and easily readable for most viewers. While completing the project, I gained a new understanding that color isn’t perceived exactly the same for all of us on the web due to some kind of disability (low vision / color blindness / blindness) that can affect the way we view through technology. If it is intentionally designed with the WCAG 2.1 contrast checker, people with visual disabilities are more likely to be able to view / use it which means you are able to include a wider range of people. 

Instagram: @katrina_sutton
All Lettering Designs are custom-made and created in Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool, WCAG 2.1 Contrast Checker for color contrast ratio for viewer legibility, and then set-up for PSD in layered format for programming. 
credit: Designed under Lettermuse Studio (owner of Katrina Sutton)
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