Happi Chocolates
2014-15  |  client (Sir Walter Candy)

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Sir Walter Candy Co. came up with a new recipe of healthy, great-tasting chocolates by combining Dark Chocolate, no Refined Sugar, Chia Seeds, Amaranth, and Hemp Seeds. They were looking for a way to market these chocolates and wanted our help in designing their product logo and packaging for the new branding. The creative direction behind the name "Happi", the packaging design and their tagline, "Healthy Chocolates make Happi People:, was to support the brand message and to show the benefits of the product while telling the story. Sadly, after completing the design, printing got put on hold, and they went into a different direction. 

fonts used: Cookies & Cream, Roboto Slab, Socialico, Mastoc
materials used: Chocolate Box and Canon Rebel T5 
credits: Layout, Icons, Pattern, Tagline, Box Photography / Mockups, Updated Concepts and Finishing Touches designed by Katrina Sutton  |  Logo and Original Concept designed by Mindy Draper  |  Assisted by Courtney Bankhead  |  Chocolates photographed by Ash Ram  |  Weapon Agency

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