Utah Lettering Valley Art Show I"Delicious"
March 2018  |  personal
With our newly founded Utah Valley Lettering Club, we had our first lettering art show back in March 2018 at Downtown Provo's Gallery Stroll where every first Friday of the month is opened to the public for free at participating businesses where you can see the local art, etc as you walked around downtown. The participating business where our work was displayed and hanged at was Guru's Enliten Cafe. The theme of the show was called "Delicious" where we created and hand-lettered our favorite foods. The only requirements we had to follow by was it had to be hand-lettered either by hand or digitally and there was to be no usage of pre-made fonts. Having a food theme was the perfect setting of being shown in a cafe and it had an easy access view where you could sit and eat or visit with friends and family while seeing the work displayed on the wall. The range of work that was shown was either designed with markers, pens, and watercolors to a digital format using an iPad and Apple Pencil or Adobe Illustrator creating a nicely mixed assortment of styles and food choices. 

Chantal Psota Ball @psotaball  |  "Hungry Hawaiian"
Procreate with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
"The Hungry Hawaiian is a Restaurant and Catering Service and it's my absolute favorite food. Get the two meat plate with chicken and beef, it comes with rice and macaroni salad. The people who run it are super friendly and I just love the atmosphere. It's low key but top quality, and I love that it's a local one-off."

Allison Parrott Gallion @alli_galli_  |  "Fire Roasted Hot Dogs"
Brush Pen First, then Procreate to Finish It
"It doesn't get much better than a chill summer evening by the family grill or a toasty campfire!"

Katrina Sutton @katrina_sutton  |  "Sweet Juicy Oranges and Chocolate"
Adobe Illustrator with Pen Tool
"My favorite food is oranges because they have been a favorite of mine since I can remember. I can recall saying when I was a little girl, I was going to have cupboards filled with oranges. Now that I am all grown up, I don't have cupboards filled with oranges, but I make sure I have an orange almost every day for lunch. And I am also addicted to Terry's orange-flavored chocolate slices."

Credit: Put together Behance Page  |  Photography

Heidi Campbell @atlasletteringco  |   "Flaky Croissant Sandwich"
"I chose to letter "flaky croissant sandwich" because I love butter! And savory food over sugar any day. My mom is from France and I grew up eating French food like croissants and crepes."

Ian Dalton @hickorybell  |  "Spilt Sauce"
Adobe Illustrator
"Collages, especially using digital methods, have been an interest of mine for some time. The combination of elements to create something new is a poetic gesture, whether it's a collection of brush strokes to form a painting, or a collection of imagery to create an entirely new image. I chose to focus on the phrase "Spilt Sauce", hand lettered in the center of the collage, with a menagerie of icons and colors surrounding it. Abstractions have always caught my eye, and the combination of graphics, acting as a "visual sauce", fits well with the subject matter and composition's whole."

Markus Long @rarepilot  |  "Buffalo Chicken"
Procreate with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
"Inspiration behind this particular piece, surprisingly doesn't go too deep. I've recently discovered how much I enjoy buffalo chicken. Whether sprinkled about a pizza, nestled neatly inside a taco or peppered profusely throughout some rice bowl, it just seems to work."

Stephanie Bird @stephaniejae  |  "Coconuts"
Coco, Nuts, Coconuts
"My three favorite flavors, coco, nuts, and coconuts!"

Hayley Barry @typeaffliated  |  "Hot Wings"
Pen, Markers, Colored Pencils, Gold Marker
"Laugh if you like, but my favorite food in the entire world has got to be hot wings. People always give me a weird look when I tell them that. But there's no denying it. Since hot wings are such an un-sophisticated food, I thought it would be funny to letter them as fancy as possible. I also thought the imagery of a fancy looking lady eating one of the messiest finger foods of all time would be quite wonderful."

Credit: Co-founder of Utah Valley Lettering Club  |  Created the Delicious Poster

Chelsea Ekberg @onthemarkdesigns  |  "Cake is Life"
Procreate with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
"I love to eat cake, make cake and draw color! Cake equals celebration, which equals happiness, which is what I'm all about. Therefore cake is life!"

Elizabeth Bishop Wheatley @InkByBeth  |  "Prickly Pear"
Watercolor and Gold Ink
"I chose prickly pear cactus because I love their bright and happy magenta color and the flavor profile of the fruit (or tunas) is somewhere between watermelon and strawberry — aka concentrated summertime. Prickly pear cacti are a bit like me, they love the sun, are strong and resilient, can make things delicious, and sometimes are a little prickly."

"I think beets are among the most beautifully colored products of nature. They are hidden gems buried in the earth — deep, rich, and delicious too!"

Tania Carrier @taniacarrier |  "Tacos al Pastor":
Chalkboard and Chalk
"The reason I chose "tacos al pastor" is probably because of all the memories associated with them and they are just delicious."

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