2015-16  |  client

Snaphot Energy Drink (coming soon)  //  fonts: Norwester & Ailerons
Body by Sandy  //  fonts: custom  //  logo not used
Grailer  //  fonts: custom (not used)
Red Rock Relay  //  fonts: unknown (type from original logo)  //  logo not used
Mason Bees for Sale  //  fonts: custom  //  logo not used
Snackdash  //  fonts: custom  //  logo not used
Dream B!g  //  fonts: Dream (custom), Big (Norwester)
Inspire  //  fonts: Bahilo Script (altered)
Ecoprene (coming soon)  //  fonts: custom
The Sower Group  //  fonts: custom
Breefly  //  fonts: custom
DreamTrips  //  fonts: custom  //  logo not used
Nutravolt Energy  //  fonts: Nutravolt (custom), Energy (Museo Slab)
Salon O  (coming soon) //  fonts: custom

credits: Weapon Agency
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