Rhone Catalog 2016 & Icons
2015-16  |  client (Rhone)
Rhone needed a catalog for their Spring 2016 collection. My approach to this was to layout individual spreads to each item they wanted to highlight, display color options, and add iconography that I designed previously in 2015 to show off the item's strong-suit.
fonts used: Novecento, Olifant, Neutraface Text
credits: Logo designed by unknown (?)  |  Minature repeated icons on the left and right sides of the emblems on the Captain Stitch, Reflective, Stash Pockets, Reflective, and Fleece were designed by unknown (these were Rhone's previous icons before the update), the rest of the iconography was designed by Katrina Sutton  |  Photography by Hitmakers Media LLC & JJ Ignotz Photography  |  Weapon Agency
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