Image Studios 360
2014-2016  |  client (Image Studios 360 / Prestman Auto)
Since Image Studios 360 opened its first location in 2010, it has now become a national salon franchise that provides high-end studios to salon professionals with the values of creativity, freedom, and success. Their concept is simple and that is to provide nice affordable prices to professionals in the salon industry through their franchise system. I had the pleasure to redesign their handbook when the branding and imagery was needing some updating into a more appealing look for potential salon professionals that explained about the rules and etiquette of the business. I also got to design their franchise booklet that explained in detail and about the franchise, how it is run, and the expectations that come with it. In 2016, I also got to design multiple T-shirts, mailers, business cards / appointment cards that they could give to their customers, posters (not shown) announcing their next locations and unison signage (not shown) for their business to go along with styling of the spaces.

fonts used: Bodoni, Didot, Salome, Smidwater, Skola Sans, Novecento
credits: Logo designed by unknown (?)  |  Designed under Weapon Agency  |  Photography used in Booklets taken by Ash Ram

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