OLIVE7 Olive Oil
2016-18  |  client & personal 

The purpose of Olive7 Olive Oil is to combine olive oil and delicious seasonings in a 2-in-1 product for those looking for a way to make cooking a quick and easy process of creating that gourmet meal they have always wanted. Before working on their packaging, I had the pleasure of designing the logo for their branding first. When I was going through the logo process, the keywords that came to mind were simple, gourmet, colorful, olives, and the number 7. After completing the branding, I began working on their packaging in the fall of 2016. During that process, some of the things the client was considering whether the label should be clear, or somehow displayed in a way to show the oil and seasoning through the glass. Sadly, we were still in the design process when I left the agency. I never got to finish up the product line since each round was spaced out far from each other and the project never went to print. This project has been on my mind for quite some time since I don't like leaving things half done. So this month (June 2018), I thought it would be a fun process of mocking it all up and challenged myself to see what it would have looked like if it was completed and on the market. When designing the label, I really wanted to showcase those herbs and spices to match each product as a focal point. So I took it upon myself to created a montage (somewhat painted look) for each theme / type. After designing the front, back and top of the bottles, I recall that they were wanting to put the bottle inside some type of container. I thought it would be perfect to have it in a round tube container rather in a box for when the product was being shipped to homes to protect the integrity of the product. 

fonts used: Riverside Avenue, Arbutus Slab, Smidswater
credits: Weapon Agency 
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