2018-2020  |  client (ÜFORIA™)

About: "ÜFORIA Science™ custom designs nutritional supplements based on your DNA. ... based on what your DNA is saying, not what the so-called experts are saying. This is amazing because ÜFORIA Science™ gives you the ultimate in designer nutrition that is unique to you just like your DNA and fingerprints are unique to you."
Summary: Back in 2018, I was asked if I would be interested in branding a new startup company called ÜFORIA™.  As a newbie in freelancing that year, I was excited to take on the challenge. Key elements that they were looking for in their total brand concept was keeping the design neutral and basic while using a little color (yellow) that would stand out for their call to actions areas, backgrounds, the "Ü" in ÜFORIA™, and subheads/headers in text. During the logo design process, they were wanting to incorporate a DNA element, and making the Ü in the name stand out by using the yellow and making it look like smile face to represent the individuality in "you". Besides designing from scratch their logo (custom letters), in the 2.5 years that I have done work for them, I have had the joy of designing other logos for their items (shown in portfolio), main elemental DNA helix strand, styleguide, kit box and accessories, icons, welcome card, DNA reports, rank pins and certificates, multiple documents (comp plans, etc.), packaging for their nutritional supplements, web banners, a few webpages, accessories for their events and trade shows (tickets, lanyards, posters, banners, name tags), slides, flyers and trifolds. My approach as a portfolio piece was to layout areas that highlighted certain items that would show off the brand's strong-suit such as the branding of the logo and color options, styling of their kit box and accessories, a banner or two, lanyards, comp plan, rank pins, and webpage design. 
fonts used: Olney, Gotham, Source Sans Pro
credits: Designed under Lettermuse Studio (Owner of Katrina Sutton) / Direction by Jorge Alvarado (CMO) and Ron Williams (former CEO) of ÜFORIA™.

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