Workt Shipping Bag
December 2014  |  client (Workt)
The client was looking for a new packaging bag design that would hold his product (knee sleeve) in a more eye-catching way rather than using a generic shipping white box. Creating a template, the front allows the customer to view the product through a translucent gold metallic pouch. Just like what I did for the box previously the year before, I used the same concept of using a geometric line pattern that leads the eye to the logomark "W". On the back, a simple inspiring description and motto "Your Only Limit is You" is surrounded by black space allowing the feel of a clean simple design.
fonts used: Source Sans Pro, Trade Gothic, FS Joey, Socialico Plus, Nabila (modified / altered)
material / color: Canon Rebel T5: packaging closeups and backside, Mylar, Matte Black, Gold Metallic
credits: Logo (Chelsea Hoskins)  |  photography by Katrina Sutton  |  photography by Ash Ram  |  Weapon Agency
featured: The Dieline (Top 10 of the week: #6  |  Top 100 of 2015: #77)
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