Workt Knee Sleeves
2015  |  client (Workt)
I got to design new looks for Workt's fitness apparel. They were looking for ways to incorporate themes such as patriotic, geometric, camouflage, unified black and white, and abstract designs onto their knee sleeves. In the process, I first drew a template based off of their original knee sleeves using Illustrator. I then figured out how to add the themes they were wanting using fun and simple colors and patterns. Sadly, they never made it to print. So I took it upon myself to see what it would look like if they actually did go to print and was photographed by mocking it up. By doing this, I went onto good old photoshop, used a few of the original images* of Workt's knee sleeves and placed my illustrator creations over them. It took some time, but I am pretty satisfied how they came out.  
fonts used: FS Joey, Source Sans Pro
credits: Logo designed by Chelsea Hoskins  |  *Original Photography by Ash Ram (below) - permission granted  |  Weapon Agency
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