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"Happy Valentine's Day"  |  Challenge: personal   |  2019

"All You Need Is Love"  |  Challenge: personal  |  2019

"Forever Entwined"  |  Challenge: personal  |  2019

"Love"  |  Challenge: personal  |  2019

"Heart To My Soul"  |  Challenge: #homwork  |  2018

"Happy Valentine's Day"  |  Challenge: personal  |  2019

"Love You"  |  Challenge: personal  |  2019

"Lovely Days"  |  Challenge: personal  |  2019

"Love is in the Air"  |  Challenge: personal  |  2020

Valentine Collection
2018-20  |  personal
A few years ago, I started doing more personal lettering as well as Instagram challenges to motivate myself in exploring different techniques and styles to help improve and grow my skills as a Graphic DesignerAs a designer, I don’t get to be nearly as creative in my work, so this is a great outlet to be myself. I am finding that doing things my way is allowing me to be more imaginative and so much more fun! 

Instagram: @katrina_sutton
All Lettering Designs are custom-made and created in Adobe Illustrator using the Pen Tool.
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