Let's Truck Welcome Kit
2015  |  client (Let's Truck)

Let's Truck was looking for a new and updated design (redesign) to their welcome kit for fellow truckers that signed up for their membership. The process I first did was figure out how the outer box would look. The original box was just a typical shipping box. I thought it would be nice to use a clam shell box with a cigar band that would fit nicely in the shipping box. I came up with a layered system (1st layer - Workbook, Industry Solutions, Stickers, divider with bottom filler / 2nd layer - Audio CD Set, DVD Set, Pen, Foam Insert) that would hold the inside items nicely to prevent shifting when being shipped. The next step was redesigning the Industry Solutions booklet and covers of the Workbook, Audio CD Set, DVD Set, and Stickers. Unfortunately, I never got to see the final results. So I took it upon myself to mock it up. 

fonts used: Norwester, Fairview, Source Sans Pro
credits: Logo designed by (?)  |  Images provided by Let's Truck  |  Weapon Agency

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