Naughty Biscotti
2017-18  |  client

Based in Mapleton, Utah, Sugardance Sweetery created Naughty Biscotti in 1997 and was first introduced to the specialty food market. With its packaging, customers were delighted that the product inside was as unique as its name. Updated in 2017, packaging (done by Courtney Bankhead) and logo branding (done by Katrina Sutton) was designed under Annabelle Designs continuing on the tradition of bright packaging with a new improved design. The differences and similarities between the new and old packaging is that it still kept the look of the checkered and pinstripe patterns, while changes show different usage of new fonts, solid top colors, an unified brown pinstripe color on all of the boxes, a simplified ribbon, and a new gold foiled logo. Later in 2018, Naughty Biscotti wanted to add a new addition to the family doing a smaller size called duets and was designed under Lettermuse Studio. I took the patterns, fonts, and coloring of the updated look, and placed it upon the smaller die lines using a slightly altered logo (horizontal) so that it would fit and coexist nicely with the rest of the slim design. Once everything was completed and I received the final packaging boxes and samples in the mail, I was able to take photos/mockups using my Canon SLR Camera. The shots included some closeups of the packaging / products / foiled logo as well as some images of them set up to show the full display of them in a group.

fonts used: TheSerif, Knockout, Sanchez, Trend Sans
credits: Annabelle Designs (Courtney Bankhead), Lettermuse Studio (Katrina Sutton) 
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