Salon O Identity
2015  |  client (Salon O)

Salon O was looking to update their previous logo to a more sophisticated one. In the process of the one they chose, I started from scratch and designed the O as the main focal point and put the custom type "Salon" in the middle to create a unified look.  As I also worked on their style guide, I created a secondary vertical logo, a logo-mark with just the S and O and a shorted version (the S in the O) for other designing purposes. I also got to design their business cards and gift certificates. As I never got to see any of the printed products in person, I went ahead and mocked it up to present what they would look like. 
fonts used: Logo (custom), Merlo Round, Baskerville
credits: Image of female model and bottom image photographed by Ash Ram  |  Weapon Agency 

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